Sunday, August 24, 2008

On The Border

It was call-in night again here at the house, and we decided to use our two ten dollar gift certificates for On the Border. We made the call and the order without a problem around 9:00p.m. We were told that it would be ready in ten minutes. I slipped into the car and hurried to the restaurant. The food was ready and the reception time in the take-out order room was great.

I left with the order and returned home. As usual the food was great and there was plenty of it. We had the Border Sampler, Tres Enchiladas (beef), and Pico Chicken and Shrimp along with a bowel of Chile Con Queso. I did notice that, like everything else the prices have increased at On The Border. For example, the Border Sampler used to be $9.99 and it is now $10.49. However, for the amount of food you get that is a fairly low increase.

Besides great food, On The Border also provides great take-out packaging. A large brown paper bag with handles carries all the food in neat, and stacked, containers with chips on top. The containers are made of a hard, sealed type of cardboard, that takes about one day for your left over Enchilada to soak through (I know, it does). I have no problem setting anything ordered in the front seat of the car unlike some of the pizza boxes I have carried before.

Once again, great food, good price despite the increase, and friendly service at On The Border here in Texarkana. My only concern came when the lady at the counter stated that my wife usually comes to pick up the food and that means we must really be eating out too much for them to know us! :)

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