Friday, September 5, 2008

Pizza Inn

Here in Texarkana we have an outstanding group of pizza places to enjoy eating in. You can go to Dominos, Papa Johns, CiCis, Pizza Hut, Pizza Inn, or even have pizza at the local mall. However, despite all the choices, my favorite remains Pizza Inn.

Pizza Inn’s buffet is consistently great. They provide a variety of pizza without cutting ingredients. Unfortunately, many pizza buffets seem to have the unsaid goal of filling you up with bread. This is not the case with Pizza Inn. Further, Wednesday night is my favorite night for pizza.

You may not know this, but eat in or carry out on Wednesday evening is half price on medium and large pizzas. This along with great service, friendly people (consistently of employees is a huge plus at Pizza Inn) and the great food makes for great midweek break for cooking.

Last Wednesday evening was no different from any other. We ordered our pizza, picked it up and found it to be outstanding. The combination of half-price on medium and large pizzas along with the other benefits makes Pizza Inn my choice Wednesdays and just about any other day of the week too!

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