Sunday, October 12, 2008

On The Border Again

As you may have figured out, we enjoy eating at On The Border. Once again we had the take out last night. A Border Sampler, and Superior Dinner made up the main group. Prices seemed to have stopped going up, but at the same time the staff seemed a little greedy with the Cheese Dip and chips.

We were only given one package of chips and the cheese dip was only about half full. I did request an additional package of chips and received them without a problem during the checkout process. Naturally, the rest of the meal was great.

My suggestion to anyone eating the take out is to pay close attention to how many bags of chips you are getting. If you are an avid chip eater, as I am, then you will need to request additional bags of chips. After all, if you were eating in at the restaurant, they would give you as many chips as you wanted. You might as well get the chips you want with your take out or else you'll find yourself short a chip or two during your meal.

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