Saturday, March 21, 2009

Stateline McDonald's Texarkana, Texas

It’s been sometime since I have posted here, but do not worry. I have been eating. We went to the Stateline McDonalds in Texarkana, Texas today for a quick bite. You will notice that the store has a 50’s theme, despite the large TV in the center showing sports and the 2000’s prices on the menus. The store was clean and I noticed that several staff seemed to be rotating keeping the drink area clean, bathrooms clean, and the tables clean (not in that order). We bought Mighty Kids meals, a salad, and some chicken nuggets. Everything was great, well cooked and when the kids got a toy they already had, it was hassle free to change it out.

I would recommend this McDonald’s to anyone traveling with kids, especially if you want to avoid the long wait while your child climbs through the toy area as there is no play area at this store. The store is easy to get in and out depending on the time of day if you want to turn left back toward the freeway. Some who grew up with McDonald’s will recognize some of the features of the store since it was redone in an attempt to look like an original McDonald’s. Enjoy this one.

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