Friday, October 2, 2009

Burger King Has It Their Way!

I eat breakfast from time-to-time and I usually don’t go inside. I opt for the quick drive-thru, off to my office, and enjoy whatever item I have chosen in peace as I start my day. Burger King has an old saying “Have it your way.” Apparently that saying has now changed to “Have it whatever way Burger King wants to give it to you, way”. I’m convinced this is the truth not after one, not after two, but after three trips to two separate Burger Kings on Stateline Avenue, Texarkana, USA.

We’ll look at Burger King number one on the south end, Arkansas side of Stateline Avenue. I went here the first day and ordered a number three with a large coke. The total was $6.09 and I pulled around. Now, a number three is a double croissanwich. That means double the heart-stopping, artery clogging, fine breakfast food that Americans love. I completed my adventure through the drive thru, arrived at my office, opened the sack and found a number one inside. A number one is a single croissanwich and, as indicated by the billboard, has only half the flavor of the double. It also cost a lot less. Well, I just figured someone made a mistake. No big deal to me, I can eat either one.

The next day I went to Burger King on the north end, Texas side of Stateline Avenue. I again ordered a number three with a large coke. This time I paid $5.88. To my surprise, when I got ready to eat this fine double dealing sandwich I found a number one in the bag. Now I was more than a little frustrated, but again decided not to say anything.

Today, I pulled into the first Burger King again, the one on the south end, Arkansas side of Stateline Avenue. With my advanced knowledge of how this game would be played, I decided to order a number one (the single sandwich). I ordered it with a large coke and I ordered the sausage version. I pulled to the window and made the comment to the chashier that I had to order the number one because that is what Burger King seems committed to me having. I explained that I had ordered the number three for the past two days and instead got the number one. The girl smiled, took my money, and as most cashiers are, seemed oblivious to my concerns. I got the sandwich, came to my office, opened it and you can probably guess what I got. You most likely think I finally got the number three instead of the number one with sausage. No, sorry, this time I got a number one with bacon. It has become painfully obvious to me that I can not have it my way at the two Burger Kings on Stateline Avenue in Texarkana…no matter what I order.

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