Saturday, September 6, 2008

McDonald's - St. Michael's Drive

Tonight was a night to take the kids out to see Star Wars: Clone Wars (great movie) and grab something to eat right afterwards. You can imagine what kids wanted, McDonald's for the new Star Wars toys. We chose the McDonald's on St. Michael’s drive for two reasons. First, we didn’t want to deal with all the kids at the Stateline location, and second we didn’t want one with a playroom for us to have to have a major fight with the kids when it was time to go.

The McDonald's was clean and well stocked with friendly people inside. There were signs that the recent rains had penetrated the room as water spots were on some ceiling tiles. The kids got the Mighty Kid Cheeseburger meals, my better half got the Big N Tasty meal, and I got the Chicken club meal. We did notice that service seemed a little slower than is usual for McDonald's.

Once the meals arrived, we ate and watched the kids play with Star Wars toys. The basic order for the kids was correct, except that we had ordered the cheeseburger meals and they received the regular double meat burgers with no cheese. The kids didn’t notice.

After the meal, we decided to give in to further temptation and ordered Sundays. I paid and waited. While the worker prepared the Sundays, my wife noticed that the worker dropped one of the lids on the floor, picked it up, seemed to think about it, and then stuck it on one of the Sundays. She pointed this out to me. Once the Sundays were done, I told them that they could keep them as I was no longer sure which one had the lid that the worker dropped, but that we could go somewhere else for ice cream. To the credit of the manager on shift, she immediately intervened, and offered a refund. When I told her a refund wasn’t necessary, we were simply not going to eat the Sundays when one of the lids had been dropped; she immediately threw the Sundays away and started making new ones herself.

We ended up leaving with the new Sunday’s because our youngest decided to throw a fit about the chocolate on his Sunday. In the end, the warm air outside claimed our Sundays and they ended up in the trash anyway. I obviously have a problem with the way the employee handled a dropped lid. However, I have to commend the store’s on-shift manger for doing everything in her power to make it right. This manager apparently knows how to keep customers and what it takes to offer good, fast food service. McDonald’s should be commended for keeping such managers on at all times when the store is open.

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